GOLF became popular in the twentieth century, but its origins go back further. It is thought to be related to chaugan, the Persian national game, which is an ancestor of modern polo. Other historians view it as a descendant of the French cross-country game chicane, which required players to reach their destination using the fewest strokes. This game also had a long tradition in the British Isles.

Golfers set up their stances so that their feet are perpendicular to the line of the hole and slightly splayed outward. For long and middle irons, golfers set their feet shoulder-width apart. For shorter, lower-lofted clubs, the ball is set closer to the leading foot, with the club head at a height somewhere between head and hip height.

GOLF dates back as far as the Middle Ages. The first mentions of golf are in books written for the high aristocracy in Europe. The game, also known as kolve, was also popular among peasants and townspeople. However, golf remains a sport of the upper classes.

Golf is an ancient sport that has grown in popularity. Its most famous tournaments are the PGA Championship, the Open Championship, and the U.S. Open. Golf courses can vary in length and complexity, but most are 18 holes or more. There is also a nine-hole course that is played twice in one stipulated round. Various golf clubs are used for different positions on the ball and in the hole, but the object is to hit the ball into the hole using the fewest strokes possible.