Heartwood Tree Service – Tree Care, Pruning, Fertilization, and Crane Removal

The urban environment can be challenging for trees. They face salt, vehicle damage, compacted soils, limited space, and air pollution.

Good Tree care | heartwoodtree.com is the best defense against these threats. Proper tree care includes proper pruning, watering, mulching, fertilization, and removing dead or diseased branches.

Proper Pruning

Proper pruning is an essential part of the tree care process. Pruning can help improve the health and appearance of a tree while also preventing costly limb loss.

To prune, look for the branch collar on the lower base of each lateral branch and angle your cut away from the stem. This is an area that contains vascular tissues from both the trunk and the branch, which protects it from disease and insect pests.

Prune only when necessary and never remove more than a quarter of the branch at once. Removing too many branches at once may stress the tree and cause it to lose vigor.


Watering is crucial to the health of trees. It helps remove carbon dioxide and improves air quality, and increases property values and energy savings.

A tree’s water needs depend on its species, its environment, and its current weather conditions. If you are unsure of what your tree needs, we recommend getting a soil test done.

Young trees, like newly-planted trees, can’t store much water and need frequent irrigation to keep their root systems moist. It’s important to water young trees deeply and a few times each week.

A slow and deep watering is best – drip irrigation, a soaker hose or spray from your hose are good options. The goal is to have the water soaked down several feet into the soil. This encourages the roots to grow deeper, which is healthier for the long-term health of the tree.


Mulching your trees is one of the most effective ways to conserve water, increase root growth, and promote good health. This ground covering, made from organic materials, insulates the soil, prevents evaporation, and retains moisture for the tree’s roots.

Using mulch correctly is essential for the health and beauty of your landscape. If not applied properly, mulch can suffocate the roots, inhibit air movement and nutrient transport, and contribute to fungal and bacterial infections.

For best results, apply a two- to four-inch layer of organic mulch, not more than that. Finely textured or double-shredded mulches may not allow sufficient oxygen to penetrate the soil to the roots.


Fertilization is an important part of the tree care process. It helps provide trees with the essential nutrients they need to grow and resist pests and diseases.

Trees thrive when their soil is full of essential nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These nutrients make up the building blocks of plant food, enabling plants to produce their own sugars through photosynthesis.

Nutrient deficiency causes stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and fewer natural defenses against insect pests and disease. Without proper fertilization, these problems can quickly become chronic and cause a tree to die prematurely.

Young trees should be lightly fertilized only until they are well established, then every other year or so to support healthy vigor and a strong root system. Mature trees require less frequent fertilization, as they can intake most of the nutrients from their widespread root systems.

Tree Removal

When it comes to removing a tree, you want to make sure that the company you hire is experienced and qualified. This is especially important if you need to remove a tree that is diseased or in a hazardous location. Having the right professional on hand can mean the difference between life and death for your property. A good arborist will know how to safely and efficiently remove your trees from the ground, without damaging any surrounding structures. Heartwood Tree Service is a local, family-owned business with Master Board certified Arborists and a crew that is very experienced with crane removal. They provide fair pricing and have a wide variety of tree services available. They also offer free estimates and can schedule your service quickly and easily.