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Five gun range members’ opinions on hunting in Charlotte NC

“When I bought my guns I went to my local gun range to pick up some ammo and scope. I had a blast but then I realized that there weren’t many good places like that in my area. After talking to my friends who were also purchasing guns, I decided to take a chance and go to a gun range that was new, not used. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. From that point on I have been doing gun related things almost every weekend for the next few years and am set to keep going until I’m in my fifties.

“I got my guns from Carolina Sporting Arms. “I really liked that the staff was friendly and seemed very knowledgeable about guns. “I trained there for two months before I purchased my gun, and they qualified me in all areas from safety, to feeding the gun, handling ammo, etc. “They taught me how to safely load my gun, where the shells go when shooting, and everything I should know to be safe during a hunt or even a self-defense situation. I have nothing but great comments to share from that point of view.

“After getting my gun range membership, I did just what I always do – shoot a lot. Now, besides being a great source for ammo and gun accessories, they also host a great gun range tournament once a year. That is where I met my friend. “We’ve gone to the range a lot since then, and each time we go people are always asking us where the best place to get guns is. It’s always funny when you can bring a great gun range member into the conversation.”

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